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2 months of access to online training with 6 experts' modules

Access to all future webinars on AI presentations

Access to LinkedIn community with tips and tricks as well as the latest tools

Registration 3,900 DKK ex. VAT

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Reach out to epo@epo.as


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What you get:

You will learn to use AI for:

  • understanding your audience
  • developing a better structure
  • efficiently developing content
  • designing attractive presentations
  • access to Linkedin-community
  • Access to all future webinars on AI-presentations.

Create even better presentations in half the time! 

The fine print:

We do not store your data. If you use the form, we receive an email with your information. The email is deleted once you are registered.

The Learning Management System, on which the training is hosted is operated by Learningbank, whose pricacy policy can be found here

The price does not include subscriptions to other AI software and platforms that we demonstrate.